We Are Black Ops.

We build text and voice chatbots that help you acquire more customers.

What We Do

We Build Bots

Chatbots are micro applications inside of messaging and voice platforms like Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM, Alexa, and SMS. Customer Acquisition bots are a type of chatbot designed to market via advertising and achieve a goal through conversation. In most cases, this is scheduling a call or appointment, subscribing to a service, or capturing lead information.

Our Expertise

9 out of 10 consumers want to use messaging to communicate with brands. Most brands don't have the expertise or technology to serve this demand. This is why Black Ops exists. Our mission is to shape the future of conversations through innovative technology, products, and services.

Black Ops offers a strategic process designed for creating bots that convert and provide a memorable experience. As one of the earliest in the space, we have educated agencies and brands on the opportunities bots provide, and perfected the art of advertising for maximum ROI.

Bots are what we do best - so it's all we do.

Case Studies

The Production Process™

We run all of our projects through a three-step process we call The Production Process™. Its purpose is to extract the goals and metrics of the bot, while making sure we're using every feature - and your brand's personality - to our advantage. Our team is experienced in educating teams, bot strategy, conversation design, development, and media buying specifically for bots because that's all we do.

Plus, we're pretty fun too.

Work With Us


We educate and teach your team on best practices, learn about your brand, and strategize about how we'll design and build a winning bot.


We develop using our own frameworks. We run internal QA to tighten everything up. Then, we launch.


We start or support your current advertising agency with media buying, reporting and maintenance once your bot is out in the wild.



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